ITG is a Thai Information Technology group company, specializing in Systems Integration, Consulting and IT Operations Outsourcing. We are passionate about our clients’ business needs. We want to be the number one choice for our clients. We pride ourselves on being a Thai IT company, with broad portfolios in international and domestic clients including banking, insurance, payments and investment sectors. Our company history began in 1998 when the global IT players “Philips Semiconductors” and “Origin IT” merged to form “Origin IT (Thailand)”. Origin IT (Thailand) then became the Thailand office for the global Information Technology Services Company “Atos Origin”. Our company enjoyed several business partnerships with respected domestic and international players in a wide range of industries. The Management Board of Atos Origin (Thailand) had a vision of creating a forward thinking Thai Information Technology company. On 16th March 2009, Atos Origin (Thailand) completed its transformation into a Thai company into a new company called “Accellence” with a registered capital of 250 million Baht. From January 2014, ACCL has raised its registered capital to 656 million Baht in order to expand its IT services offerings within the Thai market, whilst guaranteeing financial stability for the clients. The company has transformed itself into a group company while holding several IT subsidiaries in order to meet the needs of innovative solutions within the Thai market. Our group core business is focused in Cards & Payments Solutions, Insurance Solutions and IT Operations Outsourcing. The company holds strategic partnerships with international IT systems integrator (NTT DATA and Atos) to bring world class solutions to the Thai market. Our IT subsidiaries are consisting of:

• Accellence  A leading IT service providers since 1998 specializing in System Integration, Cards &Payment, Insurance Solutions, IT Operation Outsourcing.
• IT Management (ITM)  An Enterprise IT Infrastructure Solution company focusing on Networks and Communications Solution.
• Click  An Over-The-Top (OTT) and V-Commerce Platform provider focusing on interactive and VDO e-commerce solutions.
• California Consulting Group (CCG)  A Business Consulting Company focusing in the Financial & Banking sectors.

Our combined group solutions and experience bring a unique offering to our clients. We hold the IP rights to several of our solutions along with specific implementation experience for these products. With more than 15 years’ experience in the financial sector, ITG is one of the strongest IT service providers and has extensive portfolios of clients in the banking, insurance, payment and investment industries. Based on our in-depth practical experience and business-line expertise to date, our current portfolio of services and solutions has given us the reputation of SI leading company.