EXR is developed based on the information driven by your organization’s mission and vision.
In this competitive world, information is critical; CEOs, board members, and executives are searching for more effective ways to get information under control - to make it more easily accessible and keep it essential to business.

In a normal executive meeting, information is usually presented by department, by product or by geography. With Executive War Room's ergonometric design, information is presented in a question and answer format which activates critical thinking and helps executives get right to the point - what is critical to your business?

EXR provides you a centralized system that integrates information to deliver a clear and holistic view of organization, enabling better and faster decision making. It is developed based on the information driven by your organization's vision and mission. Imargine having your missions and visions statements translated into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The issue of having the KPIs is that it is not instantly visible to all the stakeholders involved. EXR makes it visible to all key decision makers. EXR will help the organization to:

• Manage your organization with tangible measurements Allow the decision makers to focus on the critical internal, external and financial KPIs
• Detect problems and opportunities early
• Integrate with other financial measurements such as Economic Value Add (EVA), Balanced Scorecard, Activity-Based Costing (ABC) and Six-Sigma. This integration can greatly enhance the value of information within the corporate war room.

Each important Management question is addressed by 6 KPIs. EXR uses a simple traffic light system (green, yellow and red colours) to indicate the status and the perspectives of the each business questions.

EXR improves the quality of the communications within the organization by aligning the perfor-mance measures of the people across the organization.

At ITG, we have the experience in consulting the Management Decision Makers at a strategic level. We help our clients in translating their pressing business issues into KPIs to drive their organizations forward. We have the capability in transforming these KPIs into visible results onto the EXR.

Please contact us how we can help you to transform your business into a performance-driven organization.